Statement on the Nomination of Alison Beam

SEIU Local 668 Supports the Nomination of Alison Beam as Pennsylvania’s New Secretary of Public Health

Friday, January 21 – HARRISBURG, Pa – With the nomination of Deputy Chief of Staff Alison Beam as Pennsylvania’s new Secretary of Health, the Commonwealth will benefit from an experienced policy professional who, in her current role, has worked closely with the very agencies responsible for carrying out the state’s pandemic response. The frontline workers we represent deserve a continuation of strong state-level leadership that can help deliver on the public health promise of the Biden-Harris administration.

As the federal government works to provide more public health resources to states to combat COVID-19, it’s critical to have strong, experienced leadership at the helm of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Health to make sure those resources are distributed equitably to all communities across the Commonwealth. SEIU Local 668 welcomes Ms. Beam’s nomination and encourages the Pennsylvania State Senate to confirm her without delay.

About SEIU Local 668

SEIU Local 668 represents nearly 20,000 health and human services workers, including those who work as employment and youth counselors, social workers, corrections and probation officers, ChildLine and 911 operators, drug and alcohol counselors, and court employees, among others. Approximately half of our members are employed by the Commonwealth, and another 9,000 work for the municipal, county, and private employers across the state. Our members are a diverse group of individuals, of varying ethnicities, political affiliations, and beliefs, but they are united by their dedication to serving our constituents – the people of Pennsylvania.


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