Chapter 3 Family: “SEIU is important for future generations”

ch moss

Now that the majority of Chapter Steward trainings are complete, we would like those who participated to share a brief summary of what  steward training meant to them, or how it helped them better represent the members of their shop.
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 (Pictured: “The Moss-Nosko Family” Hannah Moss – Three Rivers CAO-CSS ,
David Nosko – Liberty CAO-CSS along with their two children Henry and Ella)


“As a millennial, and a parent, I am especially in tune with how the work we are doing in SEIU is important for future generations. Protecting the dignity of workers not only serves the members of our union, but also benefits the citizens we serve on a daily basis.

I am grateful to have the chance to bring my children to union events including the Labor Day parade and also more recently, a day-long Steward training. It is so important to teach our children that the way to affect change is to come together and hear a variety of ideas, to discuss issues respectfully even when we are not in agreement with one another, and to commit to supporting our goals as a collective group. In a world with so much discourse and disrespect, it is my great pleasure to expose my children to a community of people working in solidarity to fight for what is right for all of us.” – Hannah Moss – Chief Shop Steward, Chapter 3, Three Rivers CAO.


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