Steve Catanese

JoAnne Sessa

Carol Allen
Michael Baker
Joel Levin

Chapter Chairs
Tammy Jo Rodgers, Chapter 1
R. Eric Dodd, Chapter 2
Wanda Smith, Chapter 3
Kristopher Grimes, Chapter 4
Patricia Defibaugh, Chapter 5
David Herzog, Chapter 6
Cheryl Little, Chapter 7
Bill Wilson, Chapter 8
Chris Ellis, Chapter 9
Roxanne Hoag, Chapter 10
Mark Jackowski, Chapter 11
Damon Allen, Chapter 12
Sara Flynn, Chapter 13
Marcie Riebe, Chapter 14

State Unit Work Committees
BDD Committee Chair:  Sarah Tilley (Chapter 14)
BHSL Committee Chair: Kimberli Foulkes (Chapter 14)
BVS Committee Chair: Harold Longmore (Chapter 3)
CAO Rank and File Committee Chair:  Ashley Brewer (Chapter 12)
CAO Rank and File Committee Statewide Representative: Tiffany White (Chapter 12)
CAO Rank and File Committee Statewide Representative: Jason Reinhardt (13)
CAO Rank and File Committee Statewide Representative: Amanda Senft (Chapter 5)
CAO Rank and File Committee Statewide Representative: Dionne Graham (Chapter 12)
CAO Rank and File Committee Statewide Representative:  Wilbert Meyers (Chapter 2)
CAO Rank and File Committee Statewide Representative:  Scott Tkach (Chapter 3)
CAO Rank and File Committee Statewide Representative:  Amanda Baker (Chapter 5)
CAO Supervisors Committee Chair:  Rachel Gall (Chapter 3)
CAO Supervisors Committee Statewide Representative:  Richard Barron (Chapter 5)
MH Committee Chair:  Kristina Cadden (Chapter 14)
MR Committee Chair: John Hoffman (Chapter 5)
OCDEL Committee Chair:  Christian Yetter (Chapter 7)
OES Committee Chair:  Tonia Frank (Chapter 1)
OUC Committee Chair:  Mark Landon (Chapter 1)
OVR Committee Chair:  Jeffrey Seabury, Sr. (Chapter 4)
SCI Committee Chair: Andrew Woll (Chapter 7)
SCI Committee Statewide Representative: Paul Szallar (Chapter 4)
State Miscellaneous Committee Chair:  Sabrina Harrell (Chapter 12)
YDC/YFC Committee Chair: Anthony Pecorale (Chapter 7)

Local Unit Work Committees
911 (Emergency Services) Chair: Thomas Troyan (Chapter 3)
Aging Committee Chair: Gail Forth (Chapter 11)
C&Y Committee Chair:  Meko Gray (Chapter 1)
C&Y Committee Statewide Representative: Vacant
C&Y Committee Statewide Representative: Vacant
C&Y Committee Statewide Representative: Vacant
County Miscellaneous Committee Chair: Don Meadows (Chapter 11)
County Miscellaneous Committee Statewide Representative: Kimberly Patterson (Chapter 3)
County Miscellaneous Committee Statewide Representative: Vacant
Courts Committee Chair:  Vacant
Courts Committee Statewide Representative:  Vacant
Courts Committee Statewide Representative: Vacant
Drug & Alcohol Committee Chair:  Denise Sharper (Chapter 12)
Education Committee Chair:  Donna-Rene Ferris (Chapter 3)
Juvenile Detention Committee Chair: Vacant
MH/MR Committee Chair:  Hawah Kamara (Chapter 10)
MH/MR Committee Statewide Representative:  Lewis Caldwell (Chapter 12)
MH/MR Committee Statewide Representative:   Betty Coli (Chapter 10)
MH/MR Committee Statewide Representative: Jeffrey Tolbert (Chapter 10)
Municipal Services Committee Chair: Vacant
Prison Committee Chair: Carl Gemmati (Chapter 7)

Standing Committees
Budget/Finance Committee Chair: JoAnne Sessa
Civil and Human Rights Committee Chair:  Paul Gambill (Chapter 1)
Community Services Committee Chair: Bill Wilson (Chapter 8)
COPE Committee Chair: Chris Good (Chapter 8)
FUEL Committee Chair: Amy Kanas (Chapter 14)
Grievance Committee Chair:  Jeffrey Bullock (Chapter 10)
Mobilization Committee Chair: JoAnne Sessa
Organizing Committee Chair: Shronda Lockett (Chapter
Retired Committee Chair:  Lawrence Funck (Chapter 8)

SWEB Documents


December 2, 2017 Summary of SWEB Motions

September 16, 2017 Summary of SWEB Motions

March 12, 2016 Summary of SWEB Motions

Combined Summary of Executive Board Actions from April 1997 to December 2005

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