Tom Herman

JoAnne Sessa

Carol Allen
Kathy Jellison
Joel Levin

Chapter Chairs
eoffrey Groce, Chapter 1
R. Eric Dodd, Chapter 2
Beth Ann Mikus, Chapter 3
Kristopher Grimes, Chapter 4
Patricia Defibaugh, Chapter 5
David Herzog, Chapter 6
Cheryl Little, Chapter 7
William Wilson, Chapter 8
Ron Kurek, Chapter 9
Roxanne Hoag, Chapter 10
Mark Jackowski, Chapter 11
Tiffany White, Chapter 12
Michael Baker, Chapter 13
Greg Riedlinger, Chapter 14

State Unit Work Committees
BDD Committee Chair:  Martha McMichael (Chapter 4)
BHSL Committee Chair: Kimberli Foulkes (Chapter 14)
BVS Committee Chair: Harold Longmore (Chapter 3)
CAO Rank and File Committee Chair:  Maria Delgado (Chapter 12)
CAO Rank and File Committee Representative: Donna Bell (Chapter 13)
CAO Rank and File Committee Representative:  Tessa Berry (Chapter 12)
CAO Rank and File Committee Representative:  Ashley Brewer (Chapter 12)
CAO Rank and File Committee Representative: Dionne Graham (Chapter 12)
CAO Rank and File Committee Representative:  Wilbert Meyers (Chapter 2)
CAO Rank and File Committee Representative:  Joseph Niro (Chapter 4)
CAO Rank and File Committee Representative:  Jason Singleton (Chapter 5)
CAO Supervisors Committee Chair:  Richard Barron (Chapter 5)
CAO Supervisors Committee Representative:  Lisa Reno (Chapter 3)
Corrections (SCI) Committee Chair:  T. Scott Burris (Chapter 4)
Corrections (SCI) Committee Representative: Michael Laurie (Chapter 14)
MH Committee Chair:  Kristy Cadden (Chapter 7)
MR Committee Chair: John Hoffman (Chapter 5)
OCDEL Committee Chair:  Walter Clatch (Chapter 14)
OES Committee Chair:  Ken Jasper (Chapter 2)
OUC Committee Chair:  Mark Landon (Chapter 1)
OUC Committee Representative:  Bill Burke (Chapter 5)
OVR Committee Chair:  Jeffrey Seabury, Sr. (Chapter 4)
State Miscellaneous Committee Chair:  Sabrina Harrell (Chapter 12)

Local Unit Work Committees
911 (Emergency Services) Chair: Thomas Troyan (Chapter 3)
Aging Committee Chair: Gail Forth (Chapter 11)
C&Y Committee Chair:  Joseph Jones (Chapter 1)
C&Y Committee Representative:  Meko Gray (Chapter 1)
County Miscellaneous Committee Chair: Donald Meadows, Jr. (Chapter 11)
County Miscellaneous Committee Representative:  Dennis Livrone (Chapter 11)
Courts Committee Chair:  Brandon Sondag (Chapter 11)
Courts Committee Representative:  Glenn Sherman (Chapter 11)
Drug & Alcohol Committee Chair:  Denise Sharper (Chapter 12)
Education Committee Chair:  Donna-Rene Ferris (Chapter 3)
MH/MR Committee Chair:  Carla Wilson (Chapter 10)
MH/MR Committee Representative:  Lewis Caldwell (Chapter 12)
MH/MR Committee Representative:   Betty Coli (Chapter 10)
MH/MR Committee Representative: Jeffrey Tolbert Samuel (Chapter 10)

Standing Committees
Budget/Finance Committee Chair: JoAnne Sessa
Civil and Human Rights Committee Chair:  Linda Robnett (Chapter 3)
Community Services Committee Chair:  Gregory Riedlinger (Chapter 14)
COPE Committee Chair:  Stephon Payne (Chapter 12)
FUEL Committee Chair:  Amy Gitler (Chapter 13)
Grievance Committee Chair:  Jeffrey Bullock (Chapter 10)
Retired Committee Chair:  Lawrence Funck (Chapter 8)

SWEB Documents

Combined Summary of Executive Board Actions from April 1997 to December 2005

March 2016 SWEB Motions for SS Summary

Revised 8/8/17

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