Take Action

The more active our SEIU 668 members are the more effective the union becomes in its work. You can get involved by:

  • Staying informed: Ask your steward, chapter and committee chairs for information on union activities. Read your union communications and visit the Website often.
  • Get trained: Attend and receive trainings to enhance your union activity, including Grassroots Activity Training, Steward Training, attending Human Service Campaign Trainings and much more.
  • Participate in union activities: Take an active part in union meetings. Vote in union elections and become familiar with our bylaws.
  • Volunteer your time: SEIU 668 members are smart and fill of great ideas. Let our leadership and staff hear your ideas!

Grassroots Advocacy Training
Become a Member Organizer
Give to COPE

Grassroots Activity Training
Are you hesitate to contact your legislators, write a letter to the editor or plan a rally? If so, we can help! We have developed a group of online training modules to give you the tools necessary to maximize your voice. The trainings were created with you in mind and presented by your fellow members. Please participate in the trainings by visiting the following link and clicking on the module you are interested in. Training Modules Here!

Become a Member Organizer
Members are the driving force in SEIU 668. Achieving justice for working families requires membership involvement at worksites, in the legislature and in organizing campaigns across our state.  A member organizer can help win better wages for workers, secure health benefits and protect working families. To learn more about becoming a member organizer talk to your Business Agent.

Contribute to COPE
COPE stands for Committee on Political Education. Union dues cannot be used for political purposes, therefore SEIU 668’s Committee on Political Education is a political fund used to support issues important to working families and hold politicians accountable. COPE is responsible for our political victories. Only SEIU members and staff can contribute to this fund. COPE is a voluntary fund through which SEIU members can lobby and elect candidates who stand up for issues important to working families. To contribute a small recurring donations please fill out and submit the COPE Card.

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