Take Action

The more active our SEIU 668 members are, the more effective our union becomes in its work. You can get involved by:

  • Staying informed: Ask your steward, chapter and committee chairs for information on union activities. Read your union communications and visit the Website often.
  • Regularly contacting your federal and State legislators, and developing relationships with them and their staff: It is important that your elected officials know what you think and that they hear from you often. You can call, email, write a letter and setup a meeting with your legislator. Empower yourself and learn how to best communicate with your legislator. Find your Pennsylvania State legislators here. Find your U.S. Congressman and Senator here. For more information on the best way to do so or for talking points on issues of interest, contact the Legislative and Political Department by emailing christopher.hundley@seiu668.org.
  • Attending training opportunities: Attend and receive training to enhance your union activity, including Steward Training, Leadership Training (held bi-annually), and much more. Contact your Business Agent or Steward for more information.
  • Participating in union activities: Take an active part in union meetings. Vote in union elections and become familiar with our bylaws. Talk to your Chapter Chair about joining a Standing Committee or a Statewide Committee. Reach out to the Legislative and Political Department if you are interested in joining an endorsement committee in your area.
  • Contributing to COPE: COPE, which stands for Committee on Political Education, is a Political Action Committee (PAC) fund used to support issues important to working families and hold politicians accountable. Union dues cannot be used for political purposes, therefore we ask members to make voluntary contributions to SEIU 668’s COPE PAC fund so that we can help elect candidates who stand up for issues important to working families. To contribute a small recurring donation please fill out and submit the COPE Card, or contribute online here.

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