Tell PA Legislators to Oppose Paycheck Deception: Call them Today and ask that they VOTE NO on S.B. 166

Paycheck deception laws hurt working families and benefit wealthy CEOs. They make it harder for working people to speak up together—to have their voices heard and their issues addressed. These bills are backed by the same CEOs and companies that ship jobs overseas. Help us fight for working families and make your voice heard.

Paycheck deception is an assault on our free speech. Such measures would make it even harder for your voice to be heard, while wealthy CEOs could continue to spend millions of dollars to work with politicians to manipulate our laws.  S.B. 166 unfairly targets government employees.

This legislation was reported by the House State Government Committee last week and is currently positioned for floor activity next week. It is important to understand that the deduction of union dues from workers’ paychecks is negotiated and that no union member can be subjected to such deductions without his or her approval.

This legislation would make it impossible for the union to effectively represent our members in Harrisburg and Washington D.C. – Our efforts in Harrisburg helped save hundreds of jobs in the department of Labor and Industry. If S.B.166 becomes law we would lose the ability and resources necessary to fight for a fair budget, elect pro-worker candidates and the funds that employ SEIU 668 members in the private and public sectors at all levels of government.

We need you to take action: First call your State Representative. Click here to locate their contact information.  Secondly take 30 seconds to email your State Representative via the following link:

Do not let corporations and billionaires silence your voice or take away your freedom to fight for your job, wages, benefits, healthcare, and retirement security!

Best regards,

Tom Herman

President, SEIU Local 668

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