Welcome to SEIU Local 668

Having recently commemorated the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, we are reminded that the fight for equal access and opportunity has not yet been won. To organize and bargain over working conditions is a fundamental right, one that more than 250,000 Americans, marched to protect back in 1963. And it is a right that we continue to fight to preserve today.

By participating in the Labor Movement, you are working towards a brighter future for your children, and for our nation. As a long-time union member myself, I know first-hand the benefits that can come from union membership. And I applaud you in your efforts to join with SEIU Local 668, whose members are united by the belief in the dignity and worth of workers and the services they provide.

If you’re completely new to unions, check out this short list of key union-related terms, then review your rights and benefits. Then get involved. State, local and standing committees are the soul of SEIU 668. Find out what Chapter you are in here. Learn about the issues we as a union are involved with here. And then, get involved with one of our state, local, and standing committees, like our FUEL Committee (for members 39 and under) or our Community Services Committee.

Questions, comments or feedback? Email local668@seiu668.org today. We want to hear from you. Stay strong in your efforts and remember when workers win, we all win.



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