TODAY, we march for climate, jobs and justice!

Jobs, Justice, and Climate march in Washington D.C.

TODAY, we march for climate, jobs and justice! We will stay in the streets until self-interested politicians and polluting corporations get the message. #ClimateMarch#PeoplesClimate

Working families are working harder and longer but still struggling to pay the bills and provide healthcare for their families without going into debt. Our economic and political systems have been rigged by self-serving politicians used to prioritize the interests of greedy corporations, many of whom make record profits by taking advantage of their workers over the needs of working families and our communities.

Workers are standing up and making sure that their voices are heard this weekend. The People’s Climate March in Washington D.C. on Saturday, will take place on April 29th as working people continue to take action and hold self-interested politicians who rig the system to favor greedy corporations over our families. ┬áSEIU members are joining thousands of working people and taking to the streets in D.C. with more than 300 sister marches across the country in the fight for a clean economy and environment for future generations. To find a sister march near you and join the action, visit:

To fight back, working families and our communities have been coming together in actions across the country against these attacks to serve as a check on elected officials at all levels who are rigging our economy and democracy to benefit corporations at our expense.

By standing together, we can win back an America where the value of our work is matched by our wages, where we have a say at work and in our political system through unions, and where every family and community has the opportunity to thrive.

The time is now to show up together with our allies and our neighbors in the streets on April 29th and May 1st to help slow down the attacks and create the energy to move from resistance to opposition and begin to take back power for our families and communities in 2018 toward 2020.

Be sure to follow @SEIU and @Peoples_Climate on twitter for live updates and for the live stream.

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