Trump and Republicans in Congress are calling for federal cuts that would put our communities at risk and members’ jobs on the line  

How will the Trump budget impact you as a worker, your family and your community?   In your own words share your story:


Here are some ways The House budget and appropriations bills hurt everyday Americans:

  • Takes away healthcare for children, seniors, and people with disabilities: The House budget takes yet another run at slashing Medicaid. The budget would also get rid of the federal government’s Medicaid financing guarantee, leaving states on the hook for paying for health coverage for millions of newly uninsured people.
  • Breaks Trump’s promise not to touch Medicare & Social Security: The House budget hurts seniors’ healthcare through deep cuts to Medicare. By capping coverage for seniors, the budget would also end the Medicare program as we know it. The budget additionally puts at risk the Social Security income support and disability programs, which help seniors and people with disabilities replace lost wages when they fall on hard times.
  • Puts the dream of higher education out of reach for millions: Mirroring the Trump budget the House has already drafted a bill that would steal from the Pell Grant reserve fund and freeze the maximum award so inflation will chip away at the program’s effectiveness.
  • Cuts funding for job assistance programs: Similar to the Trump budget, the House budget calls for eliminating so-called duplicative job training programs. The House has already drafted a bill that would eliminate Employment Services program, seriously compromising critical job search and reemployment services that help more than 13 million people get back on their feet every year.
  • Takes away food assistance from vulnerable Americans: Just like the Trump budget, the House budget proposes taking food away from struggling families, harming 40 million people, especially children. The House budget would also cap federal food assistance funding to states, ending the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) as we know it and leaving states on the hook for helping families struggling to put food on the table especially during a recession.
  • Takes infrastructure money away from state and local governments: The House budget mirrors the Trump budget’s cuts to transportation programs. The House budget calls for eliminating the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) grants and would likely result in cuts to the Highway Trust Fund — all to fund tax breaks for Wall Street elites under the guise of an infrastructure plan.
  • Undermines our public education system: The House budget proposes deep cuts to our public education system without specifying which programs would be cut. To carry out their budget, the House could for example, follow in the footsteps of the Trump budget, by gutting critical funding for school districts and teachers through the elimination of the Supporting Effective Instruction State Grants program and zeroing out the 21st Century Community Learning Centers program that provides after-school and summer learning for 1.8 million students nationwide.
  • Funds Trump’s wasteful border wall: The House has already approved a spending package which includes funding for the costly border wall that Trump promised Mexico would pay for.


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