Why Courts Matter and the Importance of Voting Local

Today, our basic freedom to belong to a union is under attack. The most fundamental principles of our rights to collectively bargaining are at great risk.  Our jobs, wages, seniority, unemployment compensation, safe workplaces, workers compensation, paid time off, access to affordable healthcare and our retirement security are under attack by billionaires and corporations who want to knock us out of the middle class after decades of sacrifice and bargaining to improve the lives of working families.

Elections have consequences and today we are seeing the disastrous consequences of recent elections for unions.  Organized labor could cease to exist unless we vote our opposition at the ballot box each and every year. Working families are under a barrage of attacks as the wealthy use their political and legislative agendas to undo the improvements that working families won through decades of collective bargaining.

We can not let the boss, elected officials, billionaires or corporations divide and conquer workers.  The labor movement is the last line of defense for ALL workers!  One of the most important ways for working families to make their voice is heard is to vote on election day.   Tomorrow, Tuesday November 7th, across Pennsylvania is Election Day and the polls will be open from 7am until 8pm.  You can locate your polling location here: http://bit.ly/2dhvaBx

We need to elect people who are committed to protecting the rights of working people and those who will stand up for workers across Pennsylvania, not for corporate special interests or billionaires.

Electing candidates to the bench in judicial races is critical to protect the rights of workers.  Candidates are seeking office at every level of the judiciary from the office of Magisterial District Judge to Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.  These courts can protect us from political gerrymandering and unjust laws that strip away our rights for decades to come. That’s what makes these judicial elections so important as our last line of defense in government.

In addition, we have the obligation to elect candidates at all levels of government, including but not limited to school board seats, local councils, mayors and county executives.  All politics are local and all of these races will impact you as workers and taxpayers of Pennsylvania as many of them have control on what you pay in local income taxes and real estate taxes.

I encourage you to make sure that you cast your ballot tomorrow in this important election and help elect candidates that are committed to working families.  I would also ask that you remind your co-workers, friends and family to VOTE tomorrow.  (If your employment prohibits you from endorsing a candidate or party, you can still remind them to simply go to the polls and VOTE!)  Your Vote is your Voice. Is your voice being heard? When we VOTE, we WIN!

See the attached link to the PA AFL-CIO list of endorsed candidates: http://bit.ly/U9ttIN


Best regards,

Tom Herman
President, SEIU Local 668, PSSU

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