Your Rights When Forming a Union

By law, healthcare employees have the freedom to form a union and work together to improve patient care and the quality of their jobs. It’s illegal for your employer to intimidate, discriminate, or otherwise interfere in your decision.

Management cannot:

  • Threaten to fire, discharge or punish you should you engage in union activity.
  • Give employees who speak out against the union special favors or concessions, and they cannot promise employees promotions who initially support and then oppose forming a union.
  • Keep employee union representatives from talking with members during non-working hours.
  • Ask about confidential union matters, including union meetings, union representatives or the union itself.
  • Ask you whether or not you belong to a union or actively support forming a union.
  • Change your work assignments, your work environment, or working conditions with the intention of firing you based on your support for unionization.
  • Threaten or coerce you in an attempt to influence your union support.
  • Make threats regarding the discontinuation of benefits, wages, vacations, or job security should you and your fellow employees form a union.

Contact the Harrisburg headquarters office at 1-800-932-0368 for more information.

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