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I Am a First Responder

Reclassifying 911 telecommunicators as first responders

SEIU Local 668 started the "I Am a First Responder" campaign. The campaign began with outreach to the local 911 shops to listen to our members. As a result, they indicated the following legislative priorities: classification as a first responder, support for duty-related trauma, and worker retention. The pandemic heightened the need for this legislation to be introduced, and our 911 members kept advocating for the classification change.

State Representatives Dan Miller listened to our members and introduced H.B. 349 This bill will update ACT 35 (P.A. Health and Safety ACT), defining 911 telecommunicators as first responders.

Why reclassification?

What can you do?

We ask our members to contact your State Representative and ask them to co-sponsor HB 349.

The only way to get this legislation  passed is by our members sharing their stories with elected officials and the public.

Check back here for more details and updates about the campaign!