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Save Senior Services and Union Jobs!

Act now to Save Aging Jobs and Protect PA Seniors!

1.Sign the letter to Governor Wolf and encourage others to sign Help us build a “story bank” or Maximus horror stories to share with legislators and the media.

2.Help us build a “story bank” or Maximus horror stories to share with legislators and the media. Fill this out on behalf of someone you know with a story to tell, or ask them to fill it out. https://bit.ly/MyMaximusStory

All stories will be kept confidential and

Over the past two months, SEIU Local 668 partnered with Area on Aging Directors, non-profits, disability, and senior citizen advocacy groups. To form a coalition and stop the Department of Human Services from outsourcing Aging Assessment work to Maximus. Maximus is an out-of-state, for-profit call enter with a long history of failing vulnerable populations across the country.

The best way to stop Maximus from obtaining this contract and protecting senior citizens and people with disabilities is to bring attention to the harm Maximus has already caused. We are reaching out directly to our fellow union members to find consumers or family members who will share their Maximus stories. If you have one, please complete this form: https://bit.ly/MyMaximusStory

Everything will be kept confidential. Our communications team will reach out to the individual and discuss the best way to share their story, and we will help you share your story with legislators and the press through OPEds and LTE's in local newspapers.
We are also asking our members who support stopping Maximus to sign on to our Coalition sign-on letter. This letter will be shared with the Governor's Office.
View and sign the letter here: https://bit.ly/NoMaximus