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Jason Singleton

Candidate for Trustee, SEIU Local 668

Candidate Video:

Union Experience

1996-1999 Intake Caseworker at Centre County Children and Youth Services

2009-present EAW and Caseworker at Armstrong, Butler and Indiana CAOs

2010-present Member of SEIU 668 since 2010

2013-present Chief Shop Steward of Indiana CAO

2015-2017 Co-Chair of Statewide CAO R&F Committee (During the Regional Processing Centers debacle)

2015-2017 Voting member of SWEB

Why I’m Running

I was asked by some respected and valued members to consider running for Trustee based on my character and track record.  I am grateful to SEIU 668 for making my job worth keeping and decided I’m willing to again give back to the Union by serving in this way.

The position of Trustee is not compensated and does not have voting rights on the Executive Board.  It is primarily a behind-the-scenes role to ensure the financial integrity of your dues and all financial systems of the Union.  I am not running for any other reasons than to accomplish just that, and I’m willing to donate the necessary time and resources to be successful.


Although other candidates have a great deal of work experience, which I respect and appreciate, I bring along with my experience the characteristics and skills to be a Trustee, some of which are:

Additionally, from 1999 to 2010, I was co-owner of a property maintenance and rental business with ten employees.  During this time, I acted as bookkeeper and tax filer.  I’m very familiar with the need to accurately record all details such as time, income, and expenses.  I also understand the value in transparency and the benefits in presenting information to the other shareholders.

Why Vote for Me?

If you do not know me, why would you vote for me?  This is a valid question, not only for me, but for all candidates you are considering.  I’m confident that if you do know me, you can vouch for what I’m saying about myself.  If you do not know me, ask others you already trust.  Find folks who know me, have worked with me, or are familiar with me through union involvement.  I’d prefer that others recommend me to you.  It would be an honor to serve the membership in the capacity of Fiscal Trustee.

Thank you for your careful consideration.