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InnovAge Workers Organize and Vote To Join SEIU Local 668

December 6, 2023

Welcome to SEIU Local 668!

SEIU Local 668 is proud to announce that workers at InnovAge have overwhelmingly voted to join our union. Workers there provide healthcare and support services to senior citizens in an alternative setting to a nursing facility. With today’s vote, Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses across four InnovAge sites in Philadelphia have taken action and organized their workplaces to meet their employer as equals.

Over countless conversations and meetings, these workers came together and chose to exercise their right to have a collective voice in the workplace. Workers at the four InnovAge sites will now look to bargain in good faith with their employer for the better wages and working conditions they deserve. Throughout this campaign, workers at InnovAge have had to face their employer’s union-busting attorney and endure captive audience anti-union meetings, but they did not let these anti-worker tactics deter them from asserting their right to join a union. “[In a union] no one can make you feel inferior without your consent!” Derrick Truesdale, a home care Registered Nurse and member of the organizing committee at InnovAge, reminded his fellow co-workers.

“Our success is a powerful demonstration that when workers unite, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. Our solidarity, our unified voice, has been the key. It’s a vivid reminder that together, we are unstoppable, unyielding in our pursuit of fairness, equity, and justice,” remarked Usamah Abdullah, Organizing Coordinator for SEIU Local 668.

“Our Union is made up of workers who provide critical services and care to individuals in need. Workers who provide elder care and support are a vital part of our lives, allowing our loved ones to have the assistance they need to stay in their homes and the community they are a part of. We are proud to welcome the workers at InnovAge to our union and look forward to taking the next steps to secure their first collective bargaining agreement,” stated Steve Catanese, president of SEIU Local 668.