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Nina Coffey

Candidate Video:

As Secretary-Treasurer I will work together with our President as we give thought to and develop new ways to engage inactive members. We will continuously reflect upon and implement new ways to improve steward and staff experiences, as we all work together to strengthen and grow as a local. My vision and priorities for the office of Secretary-Treasurer include working with our fiscal department and implementing modern practices to best protect our members’ dues and ensure the local remains in compliance with SEIU and legal standards.

My running mate and I also recognize the importance of developing a New Employee Orientation process for all of our shops if we wish to remain strong and unified. As our next Secretary-Treasurer I would work with staff and chapter reps to develop and present new NEO training programs.

I also look forward to working with our External Organizing Director and organizing team to provide support and abundant energy in the field as they organize workers seeking to form a union. A union cannot expect to continue to thrive and remain strong if it is not growing.

Lastly as Secretary-Treasurer I look forward to working as a team with staff and member leaders as we bring a renewed level of excitement for member engagement opportunities. I am eager to begin working on filling our vacant CLC (Central Labor Council) spots. Being actively involved in our CLCs strengthens our power and ability to influence policies that help better life for working people on the county and state levels.

Excitement and passion for workers’ rights and social justice must start at the top. Steve and I recognize the benefits of having purposeful conversations directly with members to best learn about their struggles and needs. We also recognize the importance of leading with humility and being an officer that’s willing to fight alongside members and not just during conversation. If elected Secretary-Treasurer, from day one I will take my passion for this union to Harrisburg and further build upon my current understanding of our local’s’ operations. My love for our union and commitment to empowering our members will guide my decision making and keep me humble. My close to two years of experience working for the local combined with my enthusiasm and eagerness to learn will allow me to hit the ground running. I ask that you vote for me to be our next Secretary-Treasurer.