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Raymond Martinez Jr

I am asking for your support for my 2nd term as a Trustee. I will be listing my experience in reverse order so you can be more familiar with the work I've done more recently for our Local.

My last job with the Union was that of a Business Agent working out of the Philly Office. My assignment/shops included several CAOs in Philly and Delaware Counties. They also included parts of Elwyn Institute, the Court Units at Delaware and Chester Counties and INTERACT...all of these I successfully helped negotiate contracts.

Prior to being a Business Agent I was a full-time organizer. One of our victories was at the Montgomery County Youth Detention Center. Only one person voted "no" in that election and it brought us new members into our local. During that campaign we were harassed by Montgomery County Security. It didn't work. Feel free to ask.

I have taken several leaves of absences to work as a MPO (Member Political Organizer). I had the pleasure of working on a historical campaign in Puerto Rico which resulted in thousands of Puerto Rican Government employees achieving Collective Bargaining Rights.

I held the positions of Philadelphia Chapter President (prior to the trusteeship) and subsequently Philadelphia Chapter Chair (after the trusteeship).

I started working with the Commonwealth in 1976, two months after getting my Batchelor's Degree at Westminster College in Lawrence County. Always having worked in Philly, I first became a Union member while a trainee at Girard CAO. I subsequently worked at Ridge, Boulevard and Unity CAOs. I became the Chief Steward at everyone of these shops.

When I left the CAOs in 1985 I went to OFAIR (now the Office of Inspector General). There I became their Chief Steward and subsequently the Statewide Committee Chair.

In 1988 we went on a three week strike. During that strike the State Police sent a trooper to my house to serve me papers for an injunction. Ask me about it. Shortly after the strike I applied for an opening at the PHRC (PA Human Relations Commission) I was the only individual denied a position. The Union's attorney filed charges vs the agency. We accused the PHRC, of discriminating against me because of my recent activities during the three week strike. We were able to prove that the agency that is supposed to protect us, instead actually discriminated against me because of my Union activities. The PA Labor Board's hearing officer ordered the following: 1) That the PHRC hire me, that the PHRC pay me back pay, that the PHRC pay me interest on the back pay and finally that the PHRC pay the Union's attorneys fee. And, as the cherry on top of it all, that the Director of the Philadelphia PHRC, that she'd make available, on the office bulletin board, a copy of the Labor Board's decision for all staff to see for 10 days.

I believe in building coalitions because there is power in numbers. That is why I am a board member of Phila./Bucks PARSE, member of the Rhawnhurst Civic Association, Committee person and member of our Local's Seniors Committee.

Let me tell you this: Our Local has no official training for the position of Trustee. That's the reason why I am endorsing Mike Baker...because he stepped up and trained me and his heart is really into the job. I am also endorsing a longtime activist and friend Patricia Defibaugh a longtime Chapter Chair and activist.

I am asking that you vote for MARTINEZ, BAKER and DEFIBAUGH!!!